About Daisy Grace

The lifestyle universe of Daisy Grace, founded by Hannah Widell and Amanda Schulman, is based on women’s wear, a range of beauty products, the digital magazine The Routine, a content-driven e-commerce, as well as two beauty salons in central Stockholm. All under the name of Daisy Grace. 

Hannah Widell and Amanda Schulman, founders as well as designers of Daisy Grace, launched the brand’s first collection in April 2016 and had a big success from the start.
We’ve always enjoyed the fact that people can express themselves and be creative through fashion, which is why we started Daisy Grace in the first place. We want our brand to inspire people, regardless of their own personal styles. There are no limits to how creative one can be when it comes to fashion, says Hanna. 

Daisy stands for the exciting, edgy and bohemian girl, while Grace is more classy, gracious and chic. We believe that every woman has a little bit of Daisy and a little bit of Grace within themselves. This is definitely a mix and match situation, which is exactly what we want our customers to feel; a little bit of Daisy and a little bit of Grace! continues Amanda.
Daisy Grace apparel is designed to be used for every occasion date nights, job interviews or the girls’ night out kind of event. The Daisy Grace woman should get that extra boost of confidence when wearing the apparel. Wherever they may go. 

In May 2017 Daisy Grace opened its first Concept Store located in Sturegallerian, Stockholm. This is where you'll find Daisy Grace's latest apparel collection, but also a crew of talented hairdressers and top stylists.
in June 2017 Daisy Grace further strengthened their own sphere by opening a Beauty Bar located at Sveavägen 44, with the vision of creating a universe of beauty that you never want to leave.